Wednesday, 13 July 2016

It's oh so quiet!!!! 💤💤

On Friday 8th July after a very busy week the children returned to school at 4.15pm with their pillows, wash bags and pyjamas. Excitedly they made their beds before taking the register and popping in to the outdoor area to discover an amazing bouncy castle. After a wonderful bounce the children settled down for a spot of tea.
The children were so excited about sleeping at school they changed and brushed their teeth at 6.30pm. Many children slept whilst others watched the movie. All children were fast asleep by 8.30pm much to the pleasure of the grown ups. 
Benjamin and Taylor held hands to look out for one another. 

In the morning we all packed away our sleeping bags and inflatable beds before dressing and washing. We all came together for a breakfast of pancakes and milk. 

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