Monday, 13 March 2017

Science week Day 1 ... The Gingerbread Man

Science week started with exploration at home through the Google classroom to discover our prior knowledge on the definition of the word 'engineer' and to gain knowledge of bridges around the world. A nice bit of flipped learning!

 (Mael's Google document)

We listened carefully during our Science introduction assembly and returned to the classroom both 'excited' and 'enthusiastic' to discover our scientific challenges as well as loaded down with the 14 sweets Sandra 'grabbed' in the 'who is the biggest grabber' challenge. 

Our Science work will all be based around the theme of 'The Gingerbread Man' following our 'food' theme. Our first challenge was to consider what would happen if the Gingerbread man decided to swim across the river rather climb aboard the fox.

We investigated the impact of the water on the Gingerbread man over a period of time (5 minutes and then 30 minutes) Each Gingerbread man reacted differently with some blowing out bubbles to others whose head simply floated away!!!) 

As a result of our water investigation we recorded alternative ways and ideas of how to cross the river safely - "add more gingerbread to the body so it would take longer for him to fall to pieces" ,"build a tunnel underneath for him to stay dry" , "get in a raft made of metal because its waterproof and the river wouldn't rust it straight away", "get gingerbread arm bands for him to float a bit more". We will develop some of these ideas further as the week progresses to find what we deem to be the most successful method of crossing the river. 

During the morning session we also developed our previous knowledge on 'senses' alongside our 'fantastics' to describe our Gingerbread people. We recorded our ideas and thoughts in a flap-book. We ensured we applied our phonic knowledge and considered the best WOW words possible. 

In the afternoon we each sampled a Gingerbread man. We were asked to eat a section of our Gingerbread of our choosing ... we then discussed which part we had eaten and recorded it on the chart before discussing our findings. 

16 people ate the head first whilst 2 ate the right arm and only 1 person ate the right leg - 
how would you eat yours? 

We are all feeling excited and enthusiastic to see what the rest of the week ....

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