Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Science Week Day 3 ... The Gingerbread Man

Another wonderful Scientific day for the children of Reception who are fully immersing themselves in Scientific exploration. We are beginning to develop our own ideas and are questioning our prior knowledge as things we did not expect or see possible are in fact possibilities .......

We began our day with a speed challenge set by the Gingerbread man who ran 2 lengths of the playground in 32 seconds. We needed to investigate if any of us were as fast as the Gingerbread man or if in fact we could catch him!!



We timed each person and recorded our results in a table when we returned to the classroom. We were all very pleased to discover that when we ran as 'fast as we can' and we would most definitely 'catch the gingerbread man!' We were able to use this when we wrote the Gingerbread man's refrain independently.  

Our second challenge of the day was to explore the Gingerbread mans weight. Would he be heavier as a whole or if he had got into an accident and broken into several pieces? We made our predictions and recorded on our template before exploring this concept practically. We particularly enjoyed breaking the Gingerbread man up but realised he is harder than it looks!!!

This challenge caused a lot of discussion with children thinking he weighed more debating it considerably with those who thought he would weigh exactly the same each reasoning their own ideas.

In the afternoon we developed our ideas of weight further using paper. We had 3 sheets of A4 paper which had been made into a cylinder, cuboid and a prism. We considered which would hold the most books on the top. We had a lot of different ideas from; "the cuboid because it has the most sides", "the prism because it is pointy", "the cylinder because it is smaller than the other two." One child decided that in fact after considering the weight of the book; "none of them will hold any books because it is paper and paper is not strong enough."


We repeated our investigation for all 3 columns before realising the prism held 10 books, the cuboid 14 books and the cylinder 30 books!!! But why stop there!! We wanted to see just how strong the cylinder was so we made another and used resources in our classroom to see if it would hold that weight. 

"I did NOT KNOW that paper was SO strong.... I'm going to get my Mummy to do this at home!!" This led to a discussion on the best columns and supports we could use in the development of our bridge building. The children developed their own cylinders and began to make their own structures which we will continue to look at in day 4!!!!

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