Thursday, 16 March 2017

Science Week Day 4 ... The Gingerbread Man

Day 4 started with dancing so we got into the swing of Science on our return to the classroom. We were all fascinated with the 'greedy grabber' game played to launch Science week to the whole school. We had politely asked if we could all have a go to see who was our class' greediest grabber!!!
We each took our turn and recorded our results on our template before noticing that the fastest two children in our class were also the greediest grabbers!!!

We were so excited when we watched the Gingerbread Man react in the water that we wanted to test different solutions - oil, milk and coca cola. We recorded our results in a table but were so surprised to notice that the oil had no reaction on the Gingerbread Man. So, if Gingerbread falls in a river of oil it would just float on the surface and hold its original shape.

Our afternoon session was spent developing our structural engineering skills.
We designed and constructed our own bridges using a range of resources to balance.
We used our own strength tests to see which could take different weights.

 We were astounded to see that more columns took the weight of Luci and plastic cups took the weight of Harry!!! What excitement will our final day of Science week hold??

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