Friday, 17 March 2017

Science Week Day 5 .... The Gingerbread Man

The final day has finally arrived and the amalgamation of all our work has dawned. We have thoroughly enjoyed Science week and the exploration and investigation we have undertaken. We have learnt a lot of new things and added to our prior knowledge as well as had our own ideas and understanding tested. It has been brilliant to become a Scientist and we can't wait to use our skills in our daily lives.

We are fortunate to know that Scientists are all around us and through our discussion about buildings and construction we became aware that an electrician was a Scientist who impacts on our daily life both at home and at school. Mr Kearse was able to visit and answer many of our questions about his occupation and also extend our knowledge on electricity.


He helped us to wire a plug and light up a bulb he had brought in to show us. We couldn't believe that we could do it all ourselves by following his clear instructions. "Lefty Lucy and righty tighty!!" We now know that all of our electric items have 3 coloured wires inside ... live, earth and neutral. Noah listened so well to Mr Kearse that he was able to answer his quiz at the end and win a very special prize!

In the afternoon the Year 5 children came down to help us construct on different levels and we were able to help them with their own investigation ... teamwork dojos all round.


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