Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Dear Zoo (Geography Day)

This week our focus text has been, 'Dear Zoo.'

On Tuesday, we received a parcel from the zoo. 
We opened it to discover a letter and Pippin the penguin. The zoo asked if we could look after Pippin who was from Antarctica and complete as many tasks on Antarctica as possible to teach the rest of the school in service that afternoon.

 We began by considering what we already knew about Antarctica. Mael knew quite a lot as he had watched Go-jetters. He told us it was at the bottom of the earth so we pulled up a map and Mael was able to point this out to us. 

The internet was very helpful and we found out lots of facts about Antarctica and about the penguins that lived there. Who knew that it is the 5th largest continent but has 0 people living there!!! Although, as Sandra pointed out she would not want to live there as it is just SO cold! (-89c) As we realised it was so cold in Antarctica we found some ice to ensure that Pippin felt like he was right at home. 

 One of our tasks was to build our own igloos. As the ice was melting fast we thought about what we could use and thankfully we had marshmallows. We estimated how many we would use and then counted them to check our answer. We had to build carefully to ensure the marshmallows stacked on top of each other - it is trickier than we thought.

Some of us used the Scientists igloo to  
    explore the ice fishing. We were able to catch all kinds of things 
    including letters which we were able to make both real and silly 
    words. We wrote these words on our ice sheet (mirror)
   We used instructions to prepare our own penguin and then recorded key facts we had heard on
 the documentary. We ensured we applied both our phonic and 
kinetic knowledge to our work

We ordered our penguin numbers from 0 to 30 and measured our penguin templates.

We presented our work in service to the whole school. We explained all the facts we had learnt about Antarctica. They definitely enjoyed Jude dressed up as an Emperor Penguin as he was the exact same height!!

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