Thursday, 8 June 2017

Jack and the beanstalk

We arrived at school on Monday morning to discover the magic bean we had left in our tuff spot on Friday night had turned into our own paper beanstalk. Over the course of the week it grew taller and longer and even went into the ceiling tiles. We were very nervous that a Giant may enter our classroom!

Our fears sadly came true and we discovered the giants letter and his footprint the next morning. He set us a task to find things around our classroom that were longer than and shorter than his foot. It was fun to explore all of the different things in our classroom.

We used the story text to order the story using categories of characters, events, problem and solution. We developed this further by completing a summary of the story remembering to apply our phonic knowledge and of course use our finger spaces.

We painted our own beanstalks, mixing our own shades of green for our leaves and stalk. We even threaded our own magical harps with our hole punch and string ... such beautifully mesmerising music.

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